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Court Etiquette

at the Lake Charles Racquet Club

Court Etiquette


1.       Proper tennis attire must be worn on the courts at all times.


2.       Only smooth-soled tennis shoes are allowed on the courts. No running shoes, basketball shoes, street shoes, top-siders, flip-flops, or heels are allowed.


3.       Please use the gates to access your assigned court instead of interrupting players on other courts.


4.       Please do not run on the other courts to get your ball. Wait until there is a break in play and ask the players on the other court to return it to you.


5.       There should be no extra people on the court or spectating from court benches or gates. This could be a distraction to other players.


6.       Please do not walk behind any court during a point.


7.       No glass containers are allowed on the courts.


8.       No yelling, profanity, blatant intoxication, or distracting behavior will not be allowed anywhere on the premises.

 Please alert the management to any problems.

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