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Tailgator Results

Note to players - While we didn't complete the tournament due to rain we will declare winners where possible dependent on who is mathematically ahead.
Womens 5.0 - Meyer
Womens 6.0 -  Fontenot
Womens 7.0 - Cart
Womens 8.0 - Sonnier
Mens 5.0 - Bertrand
Mens 6.0 - Ieyoub
Mens 7.0 - undetermined
Mens 8.0 - Fruge
Many thanks to all the volunteers,sponsors, and staff that made our 7th Annual Tailgator 
such a success and our most fun event.



 Congratulations to Our Juniors on their performance at the Youngsville Level 3 Tournament. 

  • Brooks Giardina finished second in boys 14s singles and doubles
  • Aidan Mahoney finished third in boys 14s singles
  • Nathan Cox won the boys 12s singles and doubles
  • Ben Reinauer won the boys 10s singles and double





 Guest Policy Guest play is prohibited Monday through Thursday from 5-7:30 pm.  All courts will be reserved for members only, unless a guest resides more than 100 miles from Lake Charles.  Non-members can only come twice a month with a maximum of six times per year.  


 Courts  Signing up for a court is very simple. You must sign up at the pro-shop and if a court is available, then the time will be started immediately.  1 Hour of play for a hard court will be given and 1.5 hours of play for a clay court will be alloted. During the week, court play is limited to members only.  


 LCRC...870 West Bayou Pines...Lake Charles, LA...337.433.1647




Monday - Friday 10 am - 9 pm


 Saturday & Sunday 10 am -10 pm 




Crescent City Jr. Open Level 5 New Orleans September 25


Bocage Jr Grand Prix Level 5 Baton Rouge October 10

Lake Charles Junior Chps Level 5 November 13