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 LCRC "Club Championships" Draws

Please click here for Draw information.  Check Facebook for updates.  


Congratulations to all of our Juniors who competed in Southerns.  

-Jace Moody -Singles & Doubles Champion

-Kai Reinauer- Consolations Singles Champion & Doubles Finalist

-Ben Reinauer-Doubles Finalist

-Aiden Mahoney - Made it to the round of 32s of boys 12s.  

-Brooks Giardina- Placed top 65 in Southerns 14s.  

-Nathan Cox- Doubles Champion in 12s.  

Beginning Adults can learn how to play tennis or tell your co-workers or friends how they can learn how to play tennis with "Tennis Apprentice."  Click here for more information.  



Summer Tennis Camp Ages 4-13 at the LCRC.  For more camp information please click here.


  Summer Tennis Workout  forHighschool players or players in middle school preparing to play Highschool  tennis.  Click here for more info.



 Guest Policy Guest play is prohibited Monday through Thursday from 5-7:30 pm.  All courts will be reserved for members only, unless a guest resides more than 100 miles from Lake Charles.  Non-members can only come twice a month with a maximum of six times per year.  


 Courts  Signing up for a court is very simple. You must sign up at the pro-shop and if a court is available, then the time will be started immediately.  1 Hour of play for a hard court will be given and 1.5 hours of play for a clay court will be alloted. During the week, court play is limited to members only.  


Cleaning Shoes In order to maintain the surface of our hard courts, please remember to clean your shoes thoroughly before entering the sidewalk or moving from the clay court to the hard court or the clubhouse.  


 LCRC...870 West Bayou Pines...Lake Charles, LA...337.433.1647




Monday - Friday 4-8 pm

 Saturday & Sunday 10 am -8 pm 






Louisiana Junior Qualifying                                    May 30


Southern 10s/level 1/ Baton Rouge                       June 12


Morgan City level 5                                                June 12


Bocage level 4                                                       July 10



Oakbourne Jr Classic level 5                                 July 17


La Junior Clay Court Chps level 3 New Orleans   July 31